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Gacheon Medical School Extra Rules for Infectious disease

In addition to the Gachon general safety rules and regulations, we also followed the extra guidelines for dealing with contagious biological experiments provided by the Gachon Infection Control Committee. The guidelines below are rules not covered by other safety rules and guidelines such as WHO safety guidelines.

I omitted those rules that I covered elsewhere.

1. Wearing Gloves and Washing hands: All members must wear gloves during the experiments and after the experiments they should wash their hands following the due procedure. We recommend using soap and method that are used in operation rooms.

2. Before conducting the research, all members should consult with doctors and only with the confirmation of the doctor about the medical and health condition of the lab members, experiments in the lab are allowed.

3. Sanitation of tools and material used for the experiments.

All disposable items such as mechanical pipette tips are separately collected for disposal.

All non-disposable items such as beakers are collected and put in the plastic containers with 10% Tego solution with 50 times of water (example: for 1000 ml distilled water, add 20ml Tego solution to make 0.2% Tego solution) and left isolated for at least for 30 minutes and sent to the central supply center.

Contact: Infection Control Office (Infection Control Committee)
phone: 82-32-460-3744 / Fax: 82-32-472-1578