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Our team would like to thank all of the people and businesses that contributed not necessarily through monetary donations, but that contributed to our team through their donations of supplies, equipment, advice, and expertise that played a huge role in our development. Your support is much appreciated!

We would like to thank... the iGEM Headquarters and Competition themselves (for everything that is happening!), Dr. Ron Watson from Wainwright Dental Care (autoclave and alginate), Carla Stringari (for designing our logo and taking photos), Mark Riopel (advice, centrifuge, micro-pipettes, and plastic ware), Consort Enterprise newspaper (media coverage), David Lloyd and Himika Dastidar (for support, advice, and a great starter workshop), Emily Hicks and Robert Mayall (for their support, expertise, a secondary workshop, help late at night with modelling and the presentation to get ready for the Calgary Workshop, and for not minding when we phoned or Skyped them looking for help on multiple occasions), Amrinder Grewal from Lethbridge (gave advice and troubleshooting tips for the website), Miss Kara Strobel (bus driver and great teacher support), geekStarter (for the valuable workshop and cool notebooks), the Peking 2013 Team (for inspiring our alginate beads idea), Daniel McClernon (supplied us with our PCR machine, spectrophotometer, gel electrophoresis equipment, several micropipettes, and the vortex mixer at a very low cost to us, basically for the price of shipping from North Carolina), and finally on behalf of the students of the team, we would especially like to thank our mentor, supervisor, and cool science teacher Mr. Gerry Bourassa for bringing his love of science to our classrooms along with the start of the iGEM in Consort, which in turn sparked other small towns to start their scientific endeavours as well.

As for the team attributions, we all conducted shared deals of lab work and team effort, and we each spent countless hours contributing to the project in our own way.

Alex: Did both of the prototype modelling, helped with the iGEM Website, Austin: Helped with the Safety write-up, helped with the iGEM Website, Cole: Completed the Safety portion of our project, wrote up the School Involvement. Kris: Worked on the mathematical modelling, helped with the iGEM Website. Nikayla: Worked on the iGEM Website, conducted 3 of the interviews for the Human Practices portion, took photos and wrote the articles for the Consort Enterprise newspaper, did the second workshop write-up. Sage: Helped with the Science portion of our project with the Parts Registry and the construct of our system, designed our presentation. Samantha: Worked on the mathematical modelling, conducted 1 of the interviews for the Human Practices portion and did the write-up for the Human Practices and 2 of the Workshops. Spencer: Worked more on the Science portion of our project with the Parts Registry and the construct of our system. Mr. Bourassa: Served as our supervisor this year, helped with the technical aspect of the construct, did the adult-based portions of our project such as ordering parts and equipment, and handling flights and registration.