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Anders Beaurline

File:Heidelberg Team.jpg
from left to right back: Yin Cai, Marika Ziesack, Kolja Schleich, Maximilian Hoerner, Adjana Eils, Anna Stoeckl, Chenchen Zhu, Barbara DiVentura, Christian Moritz, Dominik Niopek, Kathrin Nussbaum front: Erik Sommer, Michaela Reichenzeller, Stephen Kraemer, Roland Eils, Yara Reis, Maria Münch, Jens Keienburg, Philipp Hundeshagen, Daniela Richter, David Kentner, Andreas Kuehne, Pascal Kraemer
Anders Beaurline

I am a part of an IGEM team formed from our DNA science class here at Renaissance School. I am a junior and a member of the student government. I am currently doing an independent study project on hidden agendas in the media and visiting colleges all up and down the east coast.