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iGEM 2015



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Team Members

Alli Ambrosini

Alli Ambrosini

I’m a junior at the Renaissance School. I’m interested in going into forensic science after high school, and I’m currently learning how to sew! I really like moths, fog, and candy. I spend my spare time watching and caring for three cockroaches.

Anders Beaurline

Anders Beaurline

I am a part of an IGEM team formed from our DNA science class here at Renaissance School. I am a junior and a member of the student government. I am currently doing an independent study project on hidden agendas in the media and visiting colleges all up and down the east coast.

Lauren Ewell

Lauren Ewell

I am a junior at the Renaissance School in Charlottesville VA. I have always loved science, but I have never done anything as interesting and complex as this IGEM competition. Outside of school, my hobbies are rock climbing, charity work, scuba diving, hiking, white water rafting, and eating. I am very excited to be apart of this amazing opportunity and learn more about genetic engineering everyday.

Nick Keen

Nick Keen

I’m a sophomore at the Renaissance School. You may find me swimming for the CYAC team in Charlottesville, or reading at the local library. I enjoy playing video games and writing programs in Java script. I find engineering and chemistry are my forte, and iGEM gives me a unique opportunity to work with and strengthen my knowledge of chemistry, and engineering.

James Manchester

James Manchester

I am a junior at the Renaissance School. Although my primary interest is mathematics, I have immensely enjoyed preparing for this year’s iGEM competition. I want to go to the University of Chicago. I also play the piano and sing in the Shenandoah Valley Children’s Choir. You can often find me playing The Wiki Game and watching ViHart’s videos.

Jessica Prax

Jessica Prax

I am a sophomore at the Renaissance School, am interested in biology, and enjoy DNA Science class very much. I am currently volunteering at the local Hope Community Center for kids, and taking American Sign Language class at our local community college.


Anna Minutella

Anna Minutella

New to Renaissance School in 2013, Anna Minutella was born and raised in Wytheville, Virginia on her family’s farm. She attended the University of Virginia where she earned a B.A. in both biology and psychology and spent much of her time doing research in language development.

After graduation, she moved to Baltimore, Maryland with her husband. There, she taught science to seventh and eighth grade students for five years in a private school. She also served as chair of the science department and developed the curriculum for the middle school science department. She and her husband moved back to the Charlottesville area in the summer of 2012 and Anna spent that following school year teaching science and math at Stuart Hall in Staunton.

Anna’s teaching philosophy is based on using a variety of perspectives and methods for each subject in order to truly involve the students in the material and insure they gain a deeper understanding. She wants her students to acquire the same appreciation for the material that fuels her passion. In her spare time, Anna enjoys being with her husband, son, and two small dogs.

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