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Team Charlottesville_RS

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Our team is currently pursuing two ideas, which we will choose between once we have more data on each.

1: Bed Bugs have become a major problem for hotel rooms, and homes around the world. In recent years, bed bugs have tended to become immune to previous methods used to dispose of them, leading to an influx of new research trying to find ways to eradicate them that are reliable and effective.

Our idea presents a solution to this problem, but in order to understand it, one must first understand the reproduction process of bed bugs. Bed Bugs reproduce by a process that is called traumatic insemination. Male bed bugs use their penises to stab female bed bugs, creating a wound which sometimes can lead to death, in order to reproduce. For this reason, grown females have air pockets that help them survive this method of reproduction. Male and nymph (juvenile) bed bugs do not have these air pockets.

In order for male and nymph bed bugs to avoid being victims of traumatic insemination, they have a pheromone that sends out a signal to other bed bugs that they are not viable targets for reproduction.

Our idea hinges upon using a protein receptor to prevent the expression of the pheromone in bed bugs, causing male bed bugs to mate with both other males and with nymphs, killing off the population that is not equipped to handle the violent reproductive process.



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