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Two of our co-teachers, as seen at our first D-block meeting:

Joey: (class of 2015), Team Leader and Founder.
Howard: Faculty Advisor.


Name: Aiden ‘17


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I have an interest in biology and think that gentically modifiying living things is awesome

Interests: long boarding, programming, biking, fishing

One word to describe: tenacious

Committees: Fundraising


Name:Ellie "Flopsie" Wolf ‘15


Reasons for Joining iGEM: Need to keep up with the latest sciences and technologies if you wanna control the world, ya know?

Interests: Film, comic books and anime, running road races, studies on myths and legends and Cheezit crackers with tea.

One word to describe: Cartoonish (is that a word? I'm thinking of something that's so exuberant and animated and exaggerated that it should more likely be in a cartoon than in real life)

From: Winchester, MA


Name:Jenny (Jee Youn) Woo ‘16


Reasons for Joining iGEM: Synthetic biology seemed like an interesting topic to engage in.

Interests: psychology, psychiatry, biology, and literature.

One word to describe: pertinacious

From: Seoul, South Korea


Name:Liam Kaufer ‘16


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I like to see science in action!

Interests: Physics, biology, Engineering and Aeronautics.

One word to describe: Avid

Committees: Design

From: Westchester, New York


Name:Yixuan (Mason) Liu ‘16


Reasons for Joining iGEM: Well it's just worth a try, right? I mean, why not?

Interests: Mechanics, Music, Physics, History, Philosophy, Programming, Basketball,arts and anything.

One word to describe: human

Committees: Design

From: Shanghai, China


Name:Nate Williams ‘16


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I heard about IGEM at CSW, and I thought it would be an incredible experience. I was already interested in biology, and IGEM refined and solidified my interest.

Interests: Synthetic Biology, Music, Science, Art.

One word to describe: Curious

Committees: Design, Fundraising

From: Arlington, MA


Name:Noa Machover ‘15


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I love biology, problem solving, and thinking about practical ways to change and better the world — it felt like a great integration of my passions.

Interests: Music, trigonometry, physics, painting, the outdoors, literature, pets, cellular biology, neuroscience, programming, waltzing, knitting, cozy things, good conversation, traveling, small and beautiful things

One word to describe: Curious

Committees: Design, Project Management, Communications

From: Waltham, MA


Name:Thomas Schaffner ‘15


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I think Synthetic biology will be a crucial industry for my generation. I wanted to gain some first hand experience in the field and I think participating in Igem is a great way to do so.

Interests: History, Political Science, Life Sciences

One word to describe: indecisive (because I can't decide on a word, I mean the entire notion of describing yourself in a single word is a bit ridiculous)

Committees: Design, Team Model (Head of Modeling)

From: Concord, MA


Name:Joseph (Joey) Boots-Ebenfield ‘15


Reasons for Joining iGEM: It had been a dream of mine to do iGEM since eighth grade, so I began the journey to create a CSW iGEM team my freshman year.

Interests: Synthetic Biology, biotech, healthcare, archaeology, electronics, justice.

One word to describe: Caffeinated

Team Leader/Co-teacher

From: Swampscott, MA


Co-teacher/Faculty Advisor/Guru


Name:Lilly (Claire) Kerper ‘14


Reasons for Joining iGEM: Trying out synthetic biology seemed like a natural extension of my interest in engineering--and it is!

Interests: Engineering & physics, languages, visual arts, computer science (wow, it totally sounds like I don't have a life outside of school)

One word to describe: Dedicated

Committees: Communications

From: Lexington, MA


Name:Matt Waters ‘15


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I heard of it and thought that Genetic Engineering sounded interesting.

Interests: Biology, engineering, chemistry and animation

Committees: Design

From: Concord, MA


Name:Ben Klebe ‘16


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I enjoy engineering and was excited to apply that enjoyment to the field of biology.

Interests: Electronics, Programming, Engineering, Design

Committees: Communication

One word to describe: Practical

From: Lexington, MA


Name:Summer Ardell ‘15


Reasons for Joining iGEM:I am really interested in both biology and engineering and iGEM is an amazing opportunity to combine my interests.

Interests: Robotics, anthropology, world religions, theater, and biology.

Committees: Finances

One word to describe: Diverse

From: Melrose, MA


Name:Micah Rickles-Young ‘14


Reasons for Joining iGEM: Synthetic biology is the closest thing to being god. God of E. Coli.

Interests: Music, Biology, Bioethics, Physics

Committees: Fundraising

One word to describe: Human?

From: Holliston, MA

Committing to participation in the high school division of iGEM is a big deal for a secondary school. Here is a brief statement from Melodie Knowlton, our current chair of the Science Department:

"CSW's Science Department encouraged our students to participate in iGEM because of the cross-discipline nature of the activities. The iGEM competition teaches students how to collaborate and to think critically. It challenges students and helps to deepen their understanding of the sciences. Moreover, synthetic biology provides an engineering context in which to learn molecular biology, genetic engineering and microbiology methods. It also provides a means to explore current and emerging research technologies that are hard to address in most high school science classes. High school iGEM also provides an avenue for students to build relationships with research scientists. Students collaborate with academic faculty in synthetic biology and scientists in biotech companies, extending the teaching of molecular genetic techniques into real world and authentic applications."