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<a href=""><b>Outreach</b></a>
<a href=""><b>Outreach</b></a>
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Name: Aiden ‘17


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I have an interest in biology and think that gentically modifiying living things is awesome

Interests: long boarding, programming, biking, fishing

One word to describe: tenacious

Committees: Fundraising


Name:Ellie "Flopsie" Wolf ‘15


Reasons for Joining iGEM: Need to keep up with the latest sciences and technologies if you wanna control the world, ya know?

Interests: Film, comic books and anime, running road races, studies on myths and legends and Cheezit crackers with tea.

One word to describe: Cartoonish (is that a word? I'm thinking of something that's so exuberant and animated and exaggerated that it should more likely be in a cartoon than in real life)

From: Winchester, MA


Name:Jenny (Jee Youn) Woo ‘16


Reasons for Joining iGEM: Synthetic biology seemed like an interesting topic to engage in.

Interests: psychology, psychiatry, biology, and literature.

One word to describe: pertinacious

From: Seoul, South Korea


Name:Liam Kaufer ‘16


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I like to see science in action!

Interests: Physics, biology, Engineering and Aeronautics.

One word to describe: Avid

Committees: Design

From: Westchester, New York


Name:Yixuan (Mason) Liu ‘16


Reasons for Joining iGEM: Well it's just worth a try, right? I mean, why not?

Interests: Mechanics, Music, Physics, History, Philosophy, Programming, Basketball,arts and anything.

One word to describe: human

Committees: Design

From: Shanghai, China


Name:Nate Williams ‘16


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I heard about IGEM at CSW, and I thought it would be an incredible experience. I was already interested in biology, and IGEM refined and solidified my interest.

Interests: Synthetic Biology, Music, Science, Art.

One word to describe: Curious

Committees: Design, Fundraising

From: Arlington, MA


Name:Noa Machover ‘15


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I love biology, problem solving, and thinking about practical ways to change and better the world — it felt like a great integration of my passions.

Interests: Music, trigonometry, physics, painting, the outdoors, literature, pets, cellular biology, neuroscience, programming, waltzing, knitting, cozy things, good conversation, traveling, small and beautiful things

One word to describe: Curious

Committees: Design, Project Management, Communications

From: Waltham, MA


Name:Thomas Schaffner ‘15


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I think Synthetic biology will be a crucial industry for my generation. I wanted to gain some first hand experience in the field and I think participating in Igem is a great way to do so.

Interests: History, Political Science, Life Sciences

One word to describe: indecisive (because I can't decide on a word, I mean the entire notion of describing yourself in a single word is a bit ridiculous)

Committees: Design, Team Model (Head of Modeling)

From: Concord, MA


Name:Joseph (Joey) Boots-Ebenfield ‘15


Reasons for Joining iGEM: It had been a dream of mine to do iGEM since eighth grade, so I began the journey to create a CSW iGEM team my freshman year.

Interests: Synthetic Biology, biotech, healthcare, archaeology, electronics, justice.

One word to describe: Caffeinated

Team Leader/Co-teacher

From: Swampscott, MA


Name:Micah Rickles-Young ‘14


Reasons for Joining iGEM: Synthetic biology is the closest thing to being god. God of E. Coli.

Interests: Music, Biology, Bioethics, Physics

Committees: Fundraising

One word to describe: Human?

From: Holliston, MA


Name:Lilly (Claire) Kerper ‘14


Reasons for Joining iGEM: Trying out synthetic biology seemed like a natural extension of my interest in engineering--and it is!

Interests: Engineering & physics, languages, visual arts, computer science (wow, it totally sounds like I don't have a life outside of school)

One word to describe: Dedicated

Committees: Communications

From: Lexington, MA


Name:Matt Waters ‘15


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I heard of it and thought that Genetic Engineering sounded interesting.

Interests: Biology, engineering, chemistry and animation

Committees: Design

From: Concord, MA


Name:Ben Klebe ‘16


Reasons for Joining iGEM: I enjoy engineering and was excited to apply that enjoyment to the field of biology.

Interests: Electronics, Programming, Engineering, Design

Committees: Communication

One word to describe: Practical

From: Lexington, MA


Name:Summer Ardell ‘15


Reasons for Joining iGEM:I am really interested in both biology and engineering and iGEM is an amazing opportunity to combine my interests.

Interests: Robotics, anthropology, world religions, theater, and biology.

Committees: Finances

One word to describe: Diverse

From: Melrose, MA