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iGEM CIDEB 2014 - Project


Angelina G. Miranda Lara


Age: 17

-Nickname: Angie

Hobbies: Singing, reading, sleeping (lots) and yes, talk through a Walkie.

What do you want to study? Medicine :)

 Why iGEM? Because I love anything related to science and I love learning something new. I think biology is the most interesting science so why not?


Diego Iván Valadez Lozano


 Age: 18

 Nickname: Vala

 Hobbies: Eat, watch movies and play videogames.

 What do you want to study? Computer Sciences

 Why iGEM?  Because I became interested in the applications of this science and I wanted to learn the work in a molecular lab.


Arnulfo A. Peña


 Age: 18

 Nickname: 18+ (18 mas), papá pato. 

 Hobbies: Dance, play videogames, practice martial arts, listening to music and being very curious

 What do you want to study?

I want biotechnology or nanotechnology

 Why iGEM?  Because it is a very interesting competence for it involves a lot of biology and also the implementation of new ways of scientific manipulation in order to create something better and improve the actual processes as well. I think that the area of biotechnology doesn't have a limit and that inspired me to join this team.


Antonio Cárdenas Hernández


 Age: 17

 Nickname: Toño, no Tony

 Hobbies: Reading, play video games, play basketball, but mostly: Be Weird, BE SAFER!!!

 What do you want to study? Medical Biotechnology and Neurology

 Why iGEM? iGEM is a big opportunity to demonstrate and to acquire more knowledge in diverse areas, including biology, laboratory and math, social sciences; and also it represents a big challenge: I’ll never regret for taking it!!!



Odalisse Ibarra


 Age: 16

 Nickname: Ody

 Hobbies: skateboarding, watch movies (fantasy drama films, science fiction psychological thriller films), reading, listening to my favorite music, go to the cinema *alone*

 What do you want to study?Mechatronics(?) Medicine(?) Architecture(?) my idea of studying at this moment is unclear, but any of the above are my interests.

 Why iGEM? Because I had never been in a disciplinary project that has significant and real applications. Moreover, I’ve always had preferences in science.


Jesus Delgadillo


 Age: 16

 Nickname: Yisus

 Hobbies: Reading novels; drawing machines; cooking and then eating; Leave some boogie on the dance floor; Watch movies in foreing languages (some with subtitles); make people laugh.

 What do you want to study?

I don't know what will I study; maybe something related with arts and humanities.

 Why iGEM? Because the lab procedures are really interesting for me; iGEM is a big project which comprehends many activities, people and skills.


Jorge Luis Hernandez Ayala


 Age: 17

 Nickname: Choche

 Hobbies:Blogging, reading, growing trees and annoying my cats

 What do you want to study?: Medicine?, Biotechnology?, Aeronautics engineering?; I still don’t know yet, but I know it will be something related to science and its applications.

 Why iGEM? Because it is the most interesting project that I have been involved, and I love practical applications for the biology and doing things in the lab.


Adrian Alejandro Rodríguez Rodríguez


 Age: 17

 Nickname: Adribubu

 Hobbies: Listen to music, watching movies, sleeping, running, reading, hanging out with my friends, meeting new people.

 What do you want to study? Biotechology

 Why iGEM? Because I like working in the lab, and for me iGEM is a very interesting project where I can develop my skills and learn more about science nowadays.


Ingrid Melissa Chávez de la Portilla


 Age: 17

 Nickname: Mely

 Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, listening to music, doing gymnastics and going to church

 What do you want to study? Medicine.

 Why iGEM? Because I like what it is done and it seems interesting to me. I like Biology, so I decided to try it out.


Joel Abdias Aguilar Orta


 Age: 17

 Nickname: Jlouz or Chol (a variation of Schöll)

 Hobbies: Listening to music all day, cooking, sleeping, going where the wind takes me.

 What do you want to study? Industrial and/or chemical sciences.

 Why iGEM? Because it is an opportunity for me to develop knowledge in another branch of sciences. Also because, “why not?”


Raúl de la Garza


 Age: 18

 Nickname: Raúl

 Hobbies: Playing drums, listening to music and being in the lab.

 What do you want to study? Biotechnology

 Why iGEM? (Why not?) I love exact sciences and therefore, like synthetic biology.


Dulce Valdez


 Age: 16

 Nickname: Dulce de leche

 Hobbies: Hugging people and cooking brownies

 What do you want to study? Biotechnology

 Why iGEM? Because when I heard about Synthetic Biology I just fell in love, and I wanted to try something new and make new friends


Fernanda Puente


 Age: 17

 Nickname: Nanda

 Hobbies: Playing video games, reading, listening to music, eating tortillas and being a Safer.

 What do you want to study? Biotechnology

 Why iGEM? Because I’m very interested in biology and genetics and iGEM pretty much sums it up.


Eva Quintana


 Age: 17

 Nickname: EVA (Wall-E <3) or YOLO

 Hobbies: Dancing Ballet, listening to music, reading books, being me.

 What do you want to study? Biotechnology

 Why iGEM? Because I can learn a lot of things, I have lots of fun and I love science.


Irina Romero Guerrero


 Age: 17

 Nickname: :C

 Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, eating.

 What do you want to study? Biotechnology.

 Why iGEM? Because I like biology, and I love to learn and discover new things.


Lisandro Hiracheta Torres



 Nickname: Lisandro

 Hobbies: listening to music, playing videogames, sleeping and painting

 What do you want to study? Medicine

 Why iGEM? It was a great opportunity to know I can work with a group, and it was a challenge where I wanted to test myself


Andrés Marcelo Jiménez González


 Age: 16

 Nickname: Copernicus

 Hobbies: Solving equations, reading algebra books, watching movies about statistics, and dreaming about math.

 What do you want to study?  Actuarial Science

 Why iGEM? I consider it a really interesting project, in which the projects can be later be use on real applications.


Marina Emilio Aguirre


 Age: 17

 Nickname: Tortuga /Turtle

 Hobbies: Reading, playing basketball, painting, eating chocolate (it is my favourite), sleeping (well, it is my favourite too!), drawing, I think anything.

 What do you want to study?: Astrophysics ;D

 Why iGEM? I don’t really know, I just love any science and it looked pretty interesting and great.

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