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iGEM CIDEB 2014 - Project

Bacteria and Viruses Posters

Objective: To increase student’s curiosity and knowledge about the microscopic world, as well as the transmission and risks that could happen if contagion with different bacteria or viruses occur according to the risk group they belong.

Description: We consider visual knowledge as one of the most important ways for people to get interested and learn about something. Safety from iGEM CIDEB 2014 decided to design and print 10 different posters measuring 11 inches of length and 17 inches of height with information including risk group, type, medical symptoms if infection occurred, affected organs and transmission of 10 different interesting bacteria or viruses.

Each poster included a different bacteria or virus. The organisms described were the following:

B. Anthracis

Campylobacter jejuni

Clostridium tetani

Ebola virus

Escherichia coli


Marburgo virus

Mycobacterium leprae

Mycobacterium tuberculosis


The posters were placed in the main stairs of the entrance of our school, that way we assured most, for not saying all, of the people that entered the building would saw them.


You can see all of the posters here:

Created with flickr slideshow.




Since the first day the posters were placed, the team observed that they caught people, teachers and student’s attention. They would stop their walk in order to take a look and read them. We consider this happened because some of the posters contained information that people are interested in for different reasons, like Ebola virus or HIV. Some students and teachers asked different members of the team about the posters, and became interested in what we do at iGEM.

The posters had a great response in the CIDEB community.

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