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iGEM CIDEB 2014 - Project

Memory Game

Objective and Description

Objective: This activity was done to accomplish three main targets of the Team: (1) to make people understand the importance of safety in the lab; (2) to make easier and faster the way people learn biohazard, risk and laboratory signs; and (3) to identify them and keep them in mind every time people work in the laboratory.

Description: Team Safety from iGEM CIDEB 2014 designed and built two memory games in one single structure of a considerable size in order to use them in most activities that were done in the semester.

The structure’s size was 1 meter of length, 1.22 meters of height and .71 meters of width. Each side of the cubes that hold the images measured 22cm.

The first game, the main one, was used to give a fun and easy explanation of the warning signs in the laboratory by inviting people to match the signs with their corresponding meaning.

The other one was about the project. It was used to explain the different modules and its objectives to the members of our school.

The “2 in 1” memory game was also used in Human Practices’ activities, to obtain a maximum advantage out of it. Some activities were planned with both of this games, mainly competitions within 2 people trying to beat the time record other participant accomplished.


The images used in both of the games were the following:

(1)   Laboratory warning:


(2)   Project related:




The shape of the game and its size contributed to its attractiveness for the students and people in general. They would came closer to it just for curiosity and when the team mentioned them its purpose and explained the rules to them, they would become interested in participating actively, as well as asking questions about the signs and the project. This incremented their knowledge about the two aspects that were included in the memory game.

All of the students had fun and learned something new about safety and the team after playing this game.

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