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iGEM CIDEB 2014 - Project


Capture Module

UV Experimentation

This experiment was designed in order to know if the UV promoter is working properly.


1. Inoculate by streak 2 Petri dishes with NhaS DNA in pSB1C3 Red bacteria

2. Repeat step 1 but with NhaS DNA in pSB1C3 White bacteria

3. Let them grow during one day in the incubator at 37°C

4. Expose the four Petri dishes to UV irradiation (302nm) during 2 hours

5. Take photos each 10 minutes and wait for results. (You can also take video during the 2 hours instead of the photos)

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Viability in salt (experiment 1)

Bacteria transformed with the capture plasmid were inoculated in Petri dishes with different concentrations of salt


Image 1. All the 18 Petri dishes inoculated with NhaS Red in pSB1C3 of all the 9 used concentrations.

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