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iGEM CIDEB 2014 - Project

Future Plans

The next step to follow in order to accomplish the E.CARU project, must be to put the four pieces in which it has been worked (nhaS, irrE, BSTM1 opt. and L2+AIDA) into a single e.coli, all modules must be in plasmids with different antibiotics in order to know that all are inside the cell.

It is expected that someday in the future, the theoretical design that was exposed in the abstract of our project can be finished. It means that all the four modules that conform E.CARU can be put together, not only as four separated pieces, but all together: BSTM1 opt. in front of NhaS as a reporter, and irrE with L2+AIDA in another plasmid with a constitutive promoter, in order to work as a bio-filtrer, so it can be used in places as water treatment plant and start processing salt water from the sea in order to make it potable.


Figure 1. Diagram representing our proposed circuit in just one bacteria

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