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iGEM CIDEB 2014 - Project


IGEM CIDEB 2014 decided to develop a videogame that represented this year’s project, with the objective that people could learn about it in a fun and entertaining way.

In the game, our mascot, E.CARU, is being used in a biotechnology lab to remove sodium ions in three different mediums. Each medium has a different concentration of a saline solution; the objective of E.CARU is removing sodium ions without absorbing the chlorine ones.

By Capturing sodium ions and filling its respective tube, you pass to the next medium, or level, and a bonus function to eliminate all the chlorine ions from the medium (Carbonation-Calcination Reaction) becomes available. If any chlorine ions are captured by accident, nothing happens, because of the Resistance module; but if too much chlorine is captured, E.CARU can’t continue capturing sodium ions and the game is lost.

The game was programmed so that sodium and chlorine ions appear on the screen randomly. If you don’t capture sodium ions as they fall through the screen, they disappear; but all chlorine ions stay moving on your screen, unless you eliminate them using the CCR function or click and capture them.

This game was developed using “Game Maker” which allows the programmer, to make his or her own game without using a specific programming language.

Link for downloading this game for Windows:

click here.

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