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iGEM CIDEB 2014 - Project

Race for Science

As it is said: “Mens sana in corpore sano” (healthy mind in a healthy body), we, as a team, believe that everyone should enjoy a healthy life, in which there is a balance between study and physical activity.

So after making the “Explosion”, once people knew what we do in iGEM, we wanted to expand the knowledge and interest of people about our project. That's why we decided to organize this "Carrera por la Ciencia" (Race 4 Science), which included a circuit of about 4 kilometers and at the end a fair with entertaining games related to the project.

Thus, the event gave us the ability to combine physical exercise with information about our project and synthetic biology, in a way that people could spend time together as a family and learn at the same time.

The objectives of the race were:

• Spreading the project information in both the academic and non-academic community, in a fun, innovating and accessible way

• Promoting physical activities that have a beneficial impact on human health and helping cultivate a balance between body and mind

This last concept seems particularly important for us, especially in Mexico, where the rates of obesity and sedentary lifestyle are disturbing.

According to an article from University Herald, Mexico is considered as the world's fattest country with a 32.8 percent adult obesity rate, surpassing United States' 31.8 obesity rate, according to a study released, June by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). About 70 percent of Mexican adults are considered to be overweight.

The event was promoted through a personal invitation to the people in our high school, and it was suggested to invite their other family members or friends to join them. Posters were also made with all the information about the event; they were pasted in different parts of the school and simultaneously posted digitally on the official page of the iGEM CIDEB team on Facebook.

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