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iGEM CIDEB 2014 - Project

CINVESTAV Conference

On Friday March 7th, 40 Chilean teachers from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional from Mexico, D.F. came to our High School. They were not very familiar with what the iGEM competition is all about, so we invited them to a conference in the Auditorium were we gave a presentation including an iGEM introduction, its principal areas, our team background and the explanation of our project, enclosing also our previews ideas, with the intention of letting people from other states know about iGEM, specially about our team, and what we are doing. This gave us not only a state parameter, but a national one too.

What were the contents of the presentation?

In a PowerPoint presentation we covered the most related topics of iGEM. We started with an introduction of what the iGEM competition is and what it is about, we also included the basics of iGEM’s history, mentioning how the High School division was formed.

We explained how this competition is multidisciplinary and showed all the characteristics that an IGEM team has, therefore, we explained to the teachers the different parts of the project like safety, dry lab, human practices, etc.

Then, we wanted to show them how we finally got to our project; including a brief description of all the ideas we had during the meetings until deciding the final one. Afterwards, we included a complete description of our project and the purpose we had for it. Finally, a brief explanation of the previous teams in our High School was included, along with the places they got.

We also had some time for questions from them, and it was very encouraging that they had supporting comments for us and the presentation. This was a great feedback for us.


We applied surveys with 5 different questions to each teacher and registered the results:


The questions above showed us that 80% of the teachers that received our presentation and an explanation of our project considered that it is an idea which if developed, could be very useful for the society.

With this survey it was also shown that most teachers qualified our presentation between 4 and 5. This means that what we tried to explain was very clear for them.

Also rating between 5 and 4, teachers considered very complete and understandable our concepts in the presentation.

97% of the teachers considrered synthethic biology as a good path to develop solutions for actual issues in the world, they were in favor of the usage of synthethic biology (see Chart 1).

Finally, we wanted to have a general overview of the presentation and decided to include in the answers different adjectives so the teachers could choose, the most chosen one was “Interesting” which is a positive feedback for us, a minor of 3% chose “confused" (see Chart 2).

Chart 1

Chart 2

We consider this activity had great repercussions in both the teachers and us, because they learned about a very interesting international project and took that information to Chile, their country. Probably they are going to spread the information we gave them and maybe there could be more Chilean iGEM teams in the future.

As for us, it helped us to hear the perspective of teachers about our project, and as we mentioned, it was very encouraging to hear their positive thoughts and feedback to improve ourselves.

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