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iGEM CIDEB 2014 - Achievements


During the project, iGEM CIDEB 2014 acquired the following achievements:

Dry Lab

Cloned BioBricks in E. coli and characterized them:

-> BBa_K1255003 which gives our bacteria the ability to produce an odor.

-> BBa_K1255002 which gives our bacteria the ability capture Na ions.

Characterized a part from another team:

●From MIT 2006:

-> BSMT1 (BBa_J45004) which gives our bacteria the ability to produce an odor.

●From Tu Delft 2008:

-> RNA Thermomether: BBa_K115017 which gives our Aroma module the ability to be regulated by temperature.

●From Colombia-Israel 2007:

-> UV Promoter: BBa_I765001 which lets our Capture module the ability to be regulated by UV light.

Created a completely new part in the registry.

-> nhaS gene, which gives our bacteria the ability to bind to Sodium ions: BBa_K1255000

Finished a construction of the project from another team.

->From the UANL 2012 team:

- AIDA-I Signal peptide: BBa_K888005

- L2 protein of adhesion to silica: BBa_K888000

- AIDA-I Translocator domain: BBa_K888001

Used an already existent part from the registry.

-> Which gives our bacteria the resistance to a saline environment: IrrE (BBa_K729001) from UCL 2012.

Lab Work

Obtained the experimental results that were needed for the correct function of an important part of our project.

We had a control over our experiments, being regulated by heat (Aroma module) and UV light (Capture module).

All the lab work was performed following the correct methods and the safety protocols.

Math Model

Mathematically modeled all the four modules of our project:

-> Capture

-> Aroma

-> Resistance

-> Union

Graphs were done with the correct information from the model.

Human Practices

Achieved that all students from our high school knew what iGEM is and the explanation of this year’s project. Explosion & DNA Week

Gave a presentation to 40 foreign teachers in which it was explained what iGEM is and our project. CINVESTAV

Organized a 4k race for students and general public to promote: health, science and iGEM’s work. Race 4 Science

Collaborated with the HS teams UCL Academy and GenetiX Tec CCM. Collaborations

Collaborated with the College team Evry. Collaborations

Created a videogame to recreate the main function of our project. Videogame

Participated in an event with all the iGEM teams from the state. Enlace Científico


Performed a complete Risk Analysis from our project. Risk Analysis

Designed a contention method for our bacteria. Risk Analysis

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