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We are iGEM CIDEB 2014 team, from CIDEB high school in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This year, our proyect is E. CARU, a bio-filter that captures sodium ions and remove them from water, in order to make a cleaner water. In this wiki, you can learn from our proyect, our activities, and our experiments.

Learn the four modules from our proyect to understand how E. CARU works. Also, learn the benefits from our biofilter.

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See our work inside the lab! Including our construction plan, our lab notebook, our project experiments, and their results.

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See the final conclusion of the wet-lab experiments and the mathematical model. Also, read the future plans of the project.

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More than 600 persons, learning from our project and iGEM, while exercising.

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An entertaining way to learn the bases of the modules from our project.

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Our work in the mathematical model to predict our project behavior.

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Analysis and measurements of the possible risk of our proyect and their control.

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