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June 20
Austin, and Nithin were the only ones to meet today and when they got to caps time seemed to fly they took the poster that had edits from the day before and started changing and fixing it. In the middle of that Nithin went off to work on the images that would be placed inside of the wiki and having to use Photoshop to do most of the work it took a long time but they were able to get a lot accomplished but no recording was done today.

June 19
Austin, Nithin, and Aiswariya all meet up at caps and continued recording of the video since the day before they had been taught how to do it all by Mr. Rodgers and the Film class teacher. While they were recording Austin compiled the video in Final Cut Pro X. Then after a moment of recording they had to focus time on the poster and the wiki to finish everything up and make sure the team meets the requirements.

June 18
Austin and Nithin meet up since Alexis couldn't make it, but a nice surprise came their way and that was another team member showed up and this was the start of their recording. It took Austin a ton of takes with his team member biography and Nithin seemed to be able to knock it out like a breeze. Though Austin did seem to have a comfortable time saying Joe Whalen's biography.

June 16
Austin, Nithin, Alexis all meet up at caps in the afternoon to continue their work on the presentation and the arrangement of the presentation as it follow and since Austin had to leave early the meeting was a short one but they were able to start talk of how to record it.

June 15
Austin regrouped with a few people from the team, which included Nithin, Alexis and Muriel (wirelessly). Once everyone talked about what needed to be done and what was done and how everything was going to get accomplished they started in to working. Austin started by writing quick short hand sentences about the project while Alexis took those sentences and expanded upon them. While they were doing that Nithin was editing the wiki and off and on helping with the presentation.

June 11
Austin worked on mapping out the tinkercell which is the method that we have chosen to map out the pathway that we are going to use for the alkane production. He did this is three textbooks, the internet and tons of colorful sharpies to take a piece of paper and map them out with all the reactions, inputs, outputs, enzymes and this was all done on a sheet of printer paper then transferred into tinkercell

June 6
The iGEM team meet today again to start continue talking about wither we were going to be a site team or if we would have enough representation to go to Boston. The majority thought we should be a site team. Then the leaders of the project began to talk more about the project and help everyone gain an understanding of it. Shortly following that Mr. Kessler got us all to do our team member biography.

May 30
Today marked another day when the team meets up at Bioclub and worked on the wiki, the wiki workers were comprised of Nithin, and Muriel. The other worked on a team song, outreach, and fundraising where they started getting ideas for a smaller presentation where they could send it to a potential donator for them to get an idea of the project.

May 26
Today Nithin and Muriel spent time looks at last year’s wiki and content so they had a base reference point and then proceeded to create pages, and images for the wiki that could be used as headings.

May 23
Today was our meeting without mentor Dr.Fenton! We had a lot of fun going up there but it was just Austin, Chloe, Mrs.Tuel, Mr.Kessler, and Mr. Whalen. We talked a lot about the pathway and the different steps that we would have to go through to complete the project. He also was able to answer some of our question about the plasmid that we have, the production rates, and other confirmations.

May 20
Today the team meet up again at bioclub to talk about more in-depth process like the phosphorylation and other reactions that happen in the metabolic path way and Austin felt like he over described it at every single step but even if they didn't fully understand it they got the main picture.

May 8
This was brainstorming session where the team got together as a whole to find ways to fund raise, update each other on the wet lab and how it should all play out if everything goes as planned, and to make sure everyone has their forms in so Mr. Kessler can send them off to Boston so we can access out wiki.

March 4
This was one of our first bioclub meet ups where each one of us began signing up on the igem site and wait to be approved, and Austin gave an excellent speech for everyone on the simple parts of the project which helped gather interest and make things just slightly more clear for what we’re doing.

February 24
Potential team members from the research and molecular class visited our mentor, Dr. Fenton, to discuss the course of the project and review basic metabolism.

December 11
Mr. Kessler started talking about fundraising and all the people that he could send things off to and how he does it. He also handed out a packet on what a good poster looks like but Austin still thinks that his Anthrax poster was the best that they have ever seen. Though most people did generally agree that the poster should tell the overall story.

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