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Beijing HDFLS iGEM 2013




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Hello, everyone, this is the team from Beijing, Haidian Foreign Language School. Our school deeply supports us and provides us with a lot of resource. We have came up with a great number of special, individual ideas, and chosen the best one as our project. The 16 students in our team have diffrence in dream, character and goal, but we all love one thing—iGEM. Our dear teathers are getting on well with us.We harvest joy and achievements in the whole process. No matter whether we can win and we will always have the passion to enjoy this competition and do something that is meaningful for all over the world.

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Sophia Du.jpg

I majored in molecular biology and recieved a Doctorate degree from The Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and published a paper about UV radiation-responsive proteins in rice Leaves by proteomic analysis in the academic journal: "Plant Cell and Physiology". The iGEM competition is interesting for me and my students. The process of preparing for the competition was hard, but fun, and exciting for us. It improved the ability of our students and promoted friendship between them.

Team idea
During the early development of the project, nearly everyone on our team came up with multiple ideas about synthetic biology. Many of them were devoted to the improvement or protection of the environment. Others focused on detection and induction. I am very happy that our memembers are very smart and hardworking!



Ken Hu.jpg
Hello everyone! I am Ken Hu QinKai

My name is QinKai Hu, and my English name Ken. I am a 15 years old boy who comes from Taiwan. I am a member in our IGEM team. I love Biology. Though my grades in my class isn't very high, I still love studying. I am a outgoing and good at getting along with other. I like making friends, I love traveling and playing basketball. I can play saxophone. In the future, I want to be a biologist.
My idea: Absorbing Automobile Exhaust Filters
These filters can absorb Automobile exhaust. There are many dangerous chemical compositions, including mercury and heavy metals, it can lead people get cancer. These filters can absorb Automobile exhaust to make people healthier.


Hi, I am Sukie SunYan, a 16-year-old student.

I like playing the piano, reading books, drawing chinese painting and so on. In my daily life, I always believe that life is like a mirror, if you smile to it, it will smile to you, so never say never. I am glad to join this competition with my dear teacher and schoolmates. I believe, we can do it and we are the winner. After our hard work, we will achieve our goals.
My Idea: Improve the quality of the pigment of our food. Because of food safety has become a hotspot of attention of everyone in the world, safety of food additives has also become an issue of great concern. However, whether in China or other countries, security concerns of food coloring.If, through the bio-genetic engineering of manufacturing a safe, inexpensive, commercially valuable pigment, can greatly alleviate this thorny issue.

Zhao Ziding

Hello everyone, my name is Zhao Ziding.

Nicknames: Xiaobai

Age: 17

Date of Birth: 1997.02.03

Hobby: Music, Guqin, games, sleeping

Dream: Although it is not realistic, but I would like to cure cancer

Education: High School

Self-evaluation: I think I have a cheerful disposition. I never worry about anything. Maybe I am not the best one, but I will be the best. I am easy to get along with and I have good teamwork and organizational skills.

Lu Yutong

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Hi everybody , My name is Lu Yutong,nickname is lol.

I am a 17-year-old girl who is a Class Two Senior Two student . I like dancing,performing, managing, and singing! The hobbies are much more. I have written a good character, obtains teacher's performance frequently. From the first grade, I has been being various branches group leader. I had obtained many certificates,and have published many articles. Hoped that my impression can make you to satisfy! Hoped that my name can keep in your heart!

Chen Songhui

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My name is Songhui Chen.I am 16 years old boy who come from Haidian Foreign Language School. My hobby is reading book, surfing on the internet ,listening to the music. My motto is "where there is a will, there is a way ".

Shi Yutailong

Original uWty 015400001a8c118f.jpg
Hi!My name is Shi Yutailong.I was born in 1997.I am crazy dancing playing lol and learning biology.I have some Weakness.For example:a little lazy.So i want get better and learn morn about biology in this group.

My ider:Silicon based human

Wang Haochuan

My name is Wang Haochuan.I'm 17 now.I'm a playstation player,my favorite games species is raceing games.I'm learning biology too,so I want to get better and learn more about biology too~

And I really want to take part in the game!

My idea:The body's damaged cells repair quicker in this condition due to increased metabolism making recovery from illnesses easier and rapid.


I am glad to be here, my name is Peter Li Botao who is a 16 years old boy. My hobby is playing ice-hocky and basketball ect. Lots of my friends think i am hard-working, and i always keeping a happy mind. I want to be the pride of my school.

My idea: Aviod human snoring Strong snoring sometimes can induce person to sudden death. When a person snoring at very high decibel, the bacteria on his nose will produce a special odor to wake him up.

Liu Xiaoxian

Everyone, I am a 15 years old girl whose English name is Wendy.

My Idea: PM2.5-proof spray
According to the phenomena in our life that haze brings lots of trouble such as diseases and traffic accidents. So I suppose that I can use a kind of phagocytic cell and adaptation its express make it gobble up oxides of sculpture and nitrogen even some heavy metal. In severe cases, we can release this cell from the air by helicopter to improve our air. You can install this cell in cars or factories’ exhaust too. When the volcano erupted it can also absorb the small particles, make everyone live under a bright blue sky.

Lisa Hou Letao

I’m Lisa. I am 16 and born in Beijing in April 30, 1998. My personality is a little bit complex, sometimes outgoing but sometimes won’t speak any word. My hobbies are singing, playing the piano, skiing, swimming and reading scientific books and my favorite kind of science book is Astronomy. To participate this kind of competition is for not only for board my horizon but also learn more knowledge of science. I’m not the best one in the team but I will do my best in our project.

My idea: Plants Growing Promoter
Due to the population growth, people had to use artificial ways to produce food, such as fertilizer, etc. Fertilizer can promote the growth of plants, crops, but at the same time have an impact on their health, the food people eat may also be affected,such as chloride ions, they accumulate in crops, when they go into human fat cells, it is difficult to discharge. They can cause respiratory tract Burns, edema, subsequently cause lung and heart crock up. So I wanted to study a kind of cells which can promote plant growth in a physical way rather than a chemical used as fertilizer. Through the synthesis of a cell and implanting the cells of plants, so that these cells can help absorb light, absorbs carbon dioxide, and role. So we can use a physical way to promote plant growth.

Ada Qian Yating


Welcome to watch myself-introduction. I am a good student and my name is qianyating. I am 15years old and born in Zhejiang province. I don’t like English and IGM because it's difficult for me,but l will stick to learning it well. I was a cheerful girl,so my hobbies is extensive. In my spare time ,l like sleepings,sleeping and sleeping. The end Majesty Leaking and very good
My idea:How to reduce the harm of secondhand smoke on people
We want to design a kind of bacteria that can absorb the harmful component of secondhand smoke.

Wu YuLun


My name is Wu Yulun a fifteen-year-old boy. My English name is Eric. And I'd like to listen to the music during my free time. I have broad interests. So I like reading books. For it can enrich my knowledge. I am an open and optimistic person who is easy to get along with. Also I'm a person with strong will and an independent mind. My favorite subject is biology. So I am great attracted in IGEM. This program interest me to try my best to learn it.
My idea
When water contact with smooth glazed bricks, they will become rough. This bacteria avoid accidental harm from smooth glazed bricks.

KeYu Zeng

Keyu zeng.jpg

A fifteen years old Senior 1 student, I am. My name is Zeng Keyu. I’m good at not only taking photos but also painting. In my opinion, they are the most important things for me. At the same time, I also enjoy studying chemical and biological.
My idea:How to reduce the harm of secondhand smoke on people
We want to reduce second-hand smoke is a hazard to human project. Secondhand smoke has nicotine, tar and other harmful substances. We intend to carry out the project for nicotine. Find a way to neutralize or absorb nicotine substances.By reducing nicotine to reduce the harm of secondhand smoke on people. Can be implanted into a bacterial vector wrist or some belongings in.

Niu Wanxing

Annie Niu.jpg

I‘m Niu Wanxing, a sixteen-year-old girl in Beijing. In this competition, I am the responsible person of our product. My English name is Annie which means a cute little girl. I’m an Aries. Some people said that Arians are supposed to be courageous leaders but troublesome followers, but I don’t think so. I believe that I can be a good leader and I also can be an eligible member too. Although I’m not the best one, I will try my best to upgrade myself.
my idea:Anti-radiation generator
These days, more and more people work together with computer, i pad and many different kinds of electronic tools. But inside your useful tools are various distinct kind radiations. When the radiations go into your eyes, you would feel uncomfortable because of the blue light. So I want to come up with an idea that can protect our eyes from radiation.