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Beijing HDFLS iGEM 2013



Team Founded

Our iGem team set up on October 14th,2013. We are voluntary to join our iGem team.

Elected leaders

We had a meeting to elected a leader,a boy won in his speech and experience. Brainstorm

In the begaining,we knew more information about igem from Dr Du and the last contestants,then each of us had a discuss and came up with their own idea of product. In the end, we chose to use a girl’s idea that is aim for the Fusion Melittin.

Experiment Design

We found information by surfing the Internet and reading up magazines. After sort out the references materials, according to our goal; we designed our project.

Learn process

At first, we studied the Melittin in our club. When we knew what it is and where it comes from, we when to lab to do experiments.

Perfect website

We divided our team to several groups, each group have mission to finish in our web site. Everyone had job to do, we made


We went to China Agricultural University to do our experiment. In there, we had teacher to guide us. We learned many things there.