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Beijing HDFLS iGEM 2013


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That day was a big day for our iGEM team. We visited the Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of Plant Molecular Physiology. At first, we met professor Qi Xiaoquan. He analyzed our project with us and give us some helpful suggestions. Then, a Postdoctoral called John Hugh Snyder who is working at here brought us to laboratories and introduced experimental instruments to us. We have learned how to use experimental instruments.It have a lot of good effects on doing experiments later. It broaden our horizons and experience something I'd never experience before.
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After some works in our school, we took on the laboratory curiosity, excitement and a little nervousness to go to China Agriculture University to do the experiment . We were divided into four groups, and each group did experiment with one graduate student every time. We completed the experiments of our project in this university. Meanwhile we communicated with doctors, saw advanced instruments. They are interested in our project, and learned some projects about college iGEM competition through us.