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Beijing HDFLS iGEM 2013



Our Team

As a team, we believe that the most significant ability for us is the collaboration capabilities, so we did the experiment together. When we were doing experiment, we divided our team members into several groups, and all of us had the chance to experience the professional process with the help of the doctoral students, because of that, we could do the experiment in a proper way. On the other hand, each individual has its own advantages, so we also divide daily work into different parts, such as photographer, bookkeeper, and so on.

Our Leaders

Our leaders

Zhao ZiDing

A year eleven student, who is the most experienced team member, is our main leader. He always gives us the big direction and share some experience with us.

Sukie SunYan

Sukie SunYan is a year ten student, one of the leaders in our team, she is major in daily transaction.

Ken HuQinKai

Ken HuQinKai is a year ten student, he is our leader too and he is major in dealing with daily things in our team.

Qian YaTing

She deals with the money in our team and controls the income and outcome of our team.