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         <h style="font-size:32px;font-family:Arial">Our Team</h>
         <h style="font-size:32px;font-family:Arial">Our Team</h>

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Welcome to the ABRHS iGEM team ABRHS

Our Team

Our team of eleven students is from the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School and includes:
  • Chris Kuffner
  • Akash Kapoor
  • Mayank Mali
  • Madhuri Jois
  • Charles Taussig
  • Rachel Tao
  • Katherine Liu
  • Barry Huang
  • Ben Stern
  • William Huang
  • Victoria Chen

Additional help was provided by:
  • Wynne Yao
  • Justin Hong
  • Tara Jawahar
  • Benjamin Pervier
  • Anusha Purakayastha

With sincere thanks to our coach and mentor, Aaron Mathieu.

Team attributions

Our team has divided our project into several task forces: the wiki group, the project group, and the initial lab group. The wiki group is for the integration of information from all three groups, regarding lab data, and research, and also works to make sure all guidelines are met. The project group is the primary researching force, which collects all the data about what enzymes and system we'll need. The lab group carries out the laboratory steps in order to synthesize the bacteria which out project is based on. Also, we frequently have periods of time where team members do work outside of their main sub-group, which makes out progress run faster.

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