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Team Overview

First of all we as AUC_Turkey team would like to express our appreciation for attending iGEM for one more time, but words are not enough, that’s why this year we are here with a distinguished work. In this page you can find some information on the hard working guys who has gone through every obstacle that tried to stop them with their unbelievable desire for biology. We are a family and we thought this family deserves to be known by the world of iGEM and we took a chance to express ourselves, their thoughts, hobbies, what they like and even their most favorite historic personality. This family always will be known as AUC_Turkey, in this page feel free to see the family members. If these information are not satisfactory you can contact us simply by our twitter.




Name: Mehmet Sait Şahin

Age: 14

I am a member of the lab group. I like action movies and soccer as my hobby. I am into reading books and computer games especially strategy games. My favorite historical personality is II Abdul-Hamid. Time will guide what I am going to study in the future.





Name: Hikmet Emre Can

Age: 14

I am one of the first timers in our team of iGEM. Frankly I’m a little bit excited. The reason why I’m in this team is obviously my interest in biology and another one is that I want to improve myself in this area. Also soccer is one of the fields that I am interested in most and my favorite food is definitely pasta.





Name: Mehmet Çağrı Çalımlı

Age: 14                         

I am the member of the computer group. I like horror films and skate. I am into listening music and reading book especially fiction. My favorite computer game is Assassin's Creed. Time will guide what I am going to study in the future."





Name: Arif Eren Yıldırım

Age: 16

It is my first time participating to the iGEM. Since I enjoy experimenting things and having background as an attender of biology Olympics, the lab part was the best place for me in the team. I am spending most of my time understanding and learning the experiments as this is my first year. The subject I spend most of my free time is basketball. I follow everything about NBA. My favorite team is Chicago Bulls and favorite player is Derrick Rose. LET’S GO BULLS!!!






Name: S. Can İçöz

Age: 16

Hi everyone its Can from AUC_Turkey. I have joined this family this year for the first time but I have an awkward confidence even thought I don’t know much about iGEM. Hopefully I will experience this iGEM 2014 Jamboree and doing the presentation of our team with my collages. I am interested in common history of the world and international politics. I am a 10th grader in Ahmet Ulusoy IB world school. I am here attending iGEM because I like attending international organizations. I read books in my free time mostly boring ones about mistakes of the nations and stuff. Anyway iGEM rocks!





Name: Mustafa Selçuk Öztürk

Age: 17

HELLO GUISE, I'm Selçuk from AUC_TURKEY. I'm working on our wiki. DUDE I LOVE WIKIS. Whatever, I play League of Legends, I'm Diamond. DUDE I ALSO LOVE PLAYING LEAGUE. I main Lee Sin, got 500+ games with him. Also I am big fan of Counter Logic Gaming. My favorite book is ASOIAF and my favorite series is Game of Thrones. CLG + LEE SIN + ASOIAF + PURE AWESOMENESS = ME. DON'T WORRY GUISE I GOT DIS, IF YOU ARE iGEMIST AND NEED DUO, CONTACT ME ASAP. CYA AT THE JAMBOREE!







Name:Ahmet Yasir Nacak


Hey there everybody! I am Ahmet Yasir. I do graphical design for our team wiki this year. I always liked designing and this wiki is a good experience for me. I also do coding in my free time. I want to be a programmer when i grow up. I love playing computer games and watching sit-coms.










 Abdulkadir Karadag
Age: 17
Course: Biology, History, Experiments
Hometown: Mugla

Hi I’m Abdulkadir. It’s my third year and I proud of being 3-year-iGEMist. My future aim is to be a synthetic biologist. My other area of interest is late period Ottoman History. I also like fishing with my spear gun and playing Total War. See you at the Jamboree










Name: İbrahim Yasir ORHAN

School: Atlantik Educational Institution Ahmet Ulusoy Science High School

Age: 16,75

Hometown: Rize, Kalkandere

Favourite Procedure: Western Blotting

Favourite Song: Viva La Vida (David Garrett)

Interest: Genetic, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Immunology, Programming, Quantum Physics, Violin, Basketball 

Zodiac: Libra

Favourite Bacterium: Deinococcus Radiodurans











Name: Edip Ahmet Ünlüer

Age: 16


Hi, I'm Edip Ahmet UNLUER from 10th grades of Atlantik Ahmet Ulusoy High School. I'm taking part as coder in our team. Actually, I had never coded html before.

So, I had a prejudgment about coding html but taking part in this team made it necessary and I loved it.

I'm codding as a hobby actually. I love it and want to make it my job in the future so my goal is working in the Silicon Valley as my boss 'Akekerim'











Name: Nadir Berka Akdeniz




I have joined this team this year for the first time. I like where I am today because I like spending time with lab stuff. I am interested in chemistry,reading and playing guitar. I think iGEM is going to support me developing myself. Basketball is my hobby I play basketball a lot. 







Name: Göktuğ Mert Çiftci

Age: 14

I entered team this year. I am participate of lab team. I like horror movies and scientific books. I like playing computer games and the games I play are generally strategic games. I am interested in biology. I am planning to study in the field of biology in the future. My favorite area of biology is microbiology.







Name: Berat Alperen Ayvazoğlu

Age: 16

Hi, I’m Alperen. I love swimming and playing basketball and also jogging. I entered the team this year. I love playing computer mostly horror games. I like watching films, I think action movies are the best. I think iGEM is very beneficial for communicating with people and learning science!






Slutations people. I am Fatih Gül,a third-year iGEMer. It has been a thrilling experience for me, an amazing experience of strife, joy, laughter, somber but most importantly conviction. May all experience this feel that has come to me and my fellow iGEMists, a desire to seek a better world!






Name: Furkan Bestepe

Age: 18


My name is Furkan Beştepe and I'm addicted to fiction novels, movies and TV Series. They make me a creative person. Imagining and thinking my hobbies are my brain's work out. Also I'm really interested in reading faces and micro expressions. Finally my slogan from Nikola Tesla is "Our virtues and flaws can not be seperated just like power and matter. If they are seperated human is nothing."

Name: Mustafa Semih Elitok


I’m Mustafa Elitok. This is my sixth year in iGEM. Burada olmayı seviyorum. Take care of yourselfs, guys.






 Name: Mikail Doğan


Hometown: Elbistan,Kahramanmaraş

Favourite Pocedure: Transfection

Favorite Song: Sonbahar ,Yansımalar

Interest:Medicine,genetic,reflexion learning and teaching

Zodiac: Aquarius

Favourite Bacterium: Micobacterium tuberculosis