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The participation in the iGEM competition is a wonderful experience for us. In the past few month, we got many new insights into synthetic biology, worked hard in and outside of the laboratory and had a lot of fun together. 
Now, we are glad to meet new people at the iGEM 2014 High School Jamboree  We are happily looking forward to learning more about the interesting projects of the other iGEM high school teams and gradeupourlanguageskills.
While taking part in the iGEM competition, we received great support and therefor would like to kindly acknowledge the following groups and organizations:

§  Prof. Dr.Esra Gündüz for the great opportunity to do our lab work in his lab at the Turgut Ozal Medicine Faculty,

§  Our Sponsors BTC ,MathWorks,Turgut Ozal Medicine Faculty and Atlantik Educational Instution  for the financial and material support,

§   Dr. Ayşe Çelik for help our modelling

§  Prof.Dr.Mehmet Gündüz for him supports .

§  Yrd.Doç.Dr.Ömer Faruk Hatipoğlu for mentoring .

§  Doc.Dr.Murat Yağmurca for guidance.

§  Burak Yılmaz for help us with SENTEGEN Company.

§  Prof.Dr.Sadık Çiğdem for accepting our interview offer.

§  Prof.Dr.Cihangir Tanyeli for gave us really important informations and guidance.

§  Doc.Dr.Zeynel Seferoğlu for introducing new tips.

§  Doç.Dr.Hüsamettin Erdamar for provide good contidions.

§  Yrd.Doc.Dr.Muradiye Acar for guidance

§  Esin Demir for supporting us

§  Alfa Painting managers and workers for their interviews and giving good informations.

§  Yrd.Doc.Dr. Yasemin Yüksel for suppliying colors.

§  Doc.Dr.Kadir Demircan for giving ideas for wikis.

§  Doc.Dr.Orhan Başboya for suppliying colors.

§  OPET workers for free tea.

§  Security officier for providing security in faculty.