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Part Design:

In our project there are 4 different parts. Two of them composite parts that are functional and other 2 parts are our enzymes that are proteins. We designed our parts with Gene Designer 2.0 program. We found our enzyme sequences from NCBI PubMed Database. In our project we need that our proteins to be produced and we need our enzymes so much because they do the all work. For more production we chose the strongest promoter there is which the strongest constitutive promoter J23119 in Part Registry is. When we design our parts we received this information that; scientists use inducible promoters for protein over-production so in our design, right after the promoter and also in front of our RBS, we added BamHI restriction enzyme site. After the RBS we added our enzymes sequences HRP-C and Lip-1 and after the enzymes sequences we added His-Tag ( 6 Histidine sequences). Because we planned to do Western-Blotting technique in order to show that our proteins are produced successfully.  


1)    Horseradish Peroxidase-C Part Design:


2)    Lignin Peroxidase-1  Part Design :