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Response systems possess great significance in the validation of designed systems in the current state of synthetic biology. The observation of the color change of the subject is one of the leading affirmation methods with a high degree of reliability. Although the use of the synthesis of fluorescent proteins is the most popular response system, receiving the response requires a vast amount of time.


This year we, team AUC_Turkey, focused on this problem which stricken every lab technician of synthetic biology. In our appraisal, we recognized that it would perhaps be easier to degrade dye instead of producing it thus speeding up the response system.


The end product of our recognition was the design of the new response system. In the new response system, the module will primarily be transparent and will change color according to enzyme activity thus creating a distinction between the initial and secondary modules. The process will allow a relatively faster response through the cleavage of the enzymes. The usage of different types of enzymes will result in differentiation in the cleavage of dyes therefore allowing a scale to be plotted. Through the examination of the color, it will be possible to find an equivalent match on the scale.


DegradEcolor will be a fast response system as an alternative to the rather slow fluorescent protein response systems.