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September 16

It wasn’t easy for us to get all team members in one place who has adopted the idea of we will start to work for next year straight away right after the ‘Jamoreee. September sixteen the date schools get opened, was the meeting day for team members who were at their hometown for the summer holiday. We delayed having new members alongside the idea of working with the experience of old members still itching for iGEM.

Actually our aim was to get started quickly thanks to the tons of new ideas for our next project from everyone in the team. But that was not the case since it is against the laws of nature! The alternative ideas left from last year was always a possible b plan for us, but still we were aware of the fact that if we want to get some awards and get a high rate, these were not suitable at all. We started to think for new ideas...

September 23

We wanted make the best of the time we had ideas from previous year alongside of new and fresh ideas. We decided to work separatly since we thought it was too early to make our meetings weekly. Some members prefered scaning new datas seeking for inspiration, unlike others who chosed to improved their fantastic ideas. Our ideas were not much but modest. These are some highlights from these ideas:


-Paper cleaning bacteria: This idea was the dream of our team since the beginning. The bacteria we produced was supposed to clean the paper by simply destroying the ink on it. Incorrect outputs must hurt our team.


- Bran preventing bacteria: It is obvious that the bran produced by the outer layer of the headskin is one of the biggest issues makes mankind suffer. Variety of products in the market and dozens of clinic researches seeking for a solution shows the importance of this issue. We decided to prevent this brans made of deadskin with the bacterium we produced. We gave up this idea because brans which are the main food resource of the mites could go through some metabolic processes.


- Bacterium to support Plants defense: This project started with the idea of protecting plants from invasions of insects and then aimed to program our bacterium in a way that they will make sure plant starts to defend itself earlier and stronger.


- E.coli designed for X-treme conditions: E.coli the worker of the synthetic biology they ara likely to get effected by x-treme conditions and give unwanted bad results for the project. Increasing the durability of E.coli would encourage its usage in the world ofsynthetic biology. We aimed to create an alternative system which was going to increse its durability with the part that we produce alongside of the gens of the project. We are convienced on the fact that using the genom of a bacteria which was in the records book of guiness and resistant to x-treme conditions such as “deinococcus radiodurans”.

 November 16

-We did brainstorming

January 22

-Everyone came with 5 project ideas at least

March 3

-We started to net our project

April 27

-We decide our Project ‘’DegradEcolor’’

1 Haziran

-We sterilized our lab and materials

4 Haziran

-We bought our airline ticket.

7 Haziran

-We went to sponsorship interview.We agred with BTC construction company

10 Haziran

We made liquid culture

11 Haziran

-We prepare competent cells

12 Haziran

We did transformation HRP and LIP parts

13 Haziran

-We made liquid culture from last day’s transformation’s colonies and learnt how can we do western blot protocol.

14 Haziran

-We did isolation of BL21  strain

15 Haziran

CBB results

16 Haziran

-Western Blot

17 Haziran

-Wiki preperation

18 Haziran

-We did functional assay

19 Haziran

We did wiki and human practises

20 Haziran