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In order to spread the iGEM all around our environment, we as AUC_TURKEY paid a visit to grand graduation ceremony of Burç Akademi. Burç Akademi is 

a well-known academy for children between the ages of 4 to 6 and first choice of the parents who knows how to make the right decisions for their 

child and their education. This academy hosted lots of successful people and who knows if this young generation will be part of the iGEM.


We introduced iGEM to parents and its future they got impressed and their reactions were unforgettable when we talked about our project and plan to 

create a whole new system to world of synthetic biology. Mostly it was the mothers who wanted their child to be part of this tremendous movement 

fathers were just proud of their kid’s generation and motionless with the excitement of the ceremony. We believe we have done very good job 

introducing iGEM, iGEMism and the science of synthetic biology.


The elite class people with their children were there to watch the shows from all around the world and surprisingly meet with the world of iGEMism. 

An iGEMist knows how to spread iGEMism, whom to spread iGEMism and where to spread iGEMism. We guess we were just at the right place in the right time.



Team AUC_Turkey is at work again at the right place and the right time. Ahmet Ulusoy School has been one of the best high school education institutions of Turkey. Our school organizes a traditional awards ceremony for successful student it hosts every year. We thought that would be good idea to spread iGEM and let successful people know about iGEM and this would increase the quality of the upcoming iGEM members for next year.


The ceremony was tremendous and full of entertaining shows, guests were classy and awards were delivered to rightful owners. The most surprising event of the ceremony was the introduction of the world of iGEM and our previous awards from iGEM such as best presentation encouraged people to be part of this amazing world. Who knows what we could have managed with better awards. Most of the award winners held high level of information most high school can’t on genetics and when they heard we managed to get good results from western blotting they were begging to be part of our team. We made the best decisions again for our school and next generation of our team.


iGEMist movement continues. We as AUC_Turkey team targeted somewhere different this time. Unlike our other actions such as Burç Academy and Atlantik Awards ceremony, this time we did not focused on upcoming generations but instead, we focused on people at higher stages. Where we could find people might have interest to synthetic biology? The answer was TOBAT which hosted over one thousand and five hundred student from all around the world.

All these students were making presentations of their own works and there were also exciting ideas. The participants surprised by our iGEM presentation which they did not expect at all. The students were not satisfied by the high school part of iGEM but the part for Universities amazed them. They said they look forward for next iGEM and at the end of the day we were proud of ourselves for making new people part of the iGEMist movement.

            In the progress of our project we collaborated with NGSS_TR. We did some experiments of NGSS_TR and they did some of our experiments. When needed we exchanged lab materials as we use the same lab. Several times we discussed on the projects to improve them.