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iGEM 2014 High School Jamboree
Welcome to the iGEM 2014 High School Jamboree! The High School Jamboree is being held on
Saturday June 28, 2014 in the Stata Center in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Registration for the Jamboree will open on May 5, and the attendance fee will be $190 USD per attendee.

All information and updates about the High School Jamboree will be posted here!


Can't make it to the Jamboree but want to watch the presentations? We'll be Livestreaming from the event so you can tune in online! See the Livestream page for information and links.

News Feed
  • 6-27-2014: Can't make it to the Jamboree but want to watch the presentations? You can tune in online via Livestream!
  • 6-26-2014: Poster information is now available! Details about when the posters should go up, and where each team's poster should go is in the flier. Hard copies will also be in your registration packet.
  • 6-26-2014: Wondering where to go? Check out the Campus map!
  • 6-26-2014: Check out the Jamboree Handbook for information about all the Jamboree-related activities on Friday and Saturday, and the Program for team project titles and abstracts!
  • 6-24-2014: The Jamboree schedule has been posted!
  • 6-18-2014: Sign up for an optional practice session timeslot on Friday June 27 to practice your presentation on-site!
  • 6-17-2014: Looking for guidelines for your presentation and poster? Check out the Handbook page! Virtual teams, specific information and deadlines for presentation and poster files is available on the Virtual Jamboree page.
  • 5-7-2014: Registration for the High School Jamboree is now open! Please read the attendance fee page and then register your team for the Jamboree.
  • 3-25-2014: Need directions? Check out the Transportation page!
  • 3-24-2014: International attendees may require a visa to enter the United States. If you or your team members would like a visa invitation letter to assist with the visa application process, see the Visa help page for details.
  • 3-17-2014: Need accommodations? The nearby Boston Marriott Cambridge is offering all teams a discounted rate. Offer details and reservation information can be found on the Accommodations page.

Many thanks to our ice cream sponsor, J.P. Licks!