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In the time remaining from experiments we had lots of fun! Most importantly we became more closer. Sometimes we listened Asude’s amazing guitar, sometimes we organized foosball tournament. The best parts of the days were meal times. Our favorite dish was wrapped toast (It is special dish of our university). We laughed out loud so much during shootings of the safety video.

Although we had a great time together, there were some annoying behaviors of our team members: for instance Mariye’s behavior to younger team members was so cruel. She was forcing them to call her Miss Mariye! Also while doing experiments, our team members  almost burned the lab, they accidently burned alcohol.

Sometimes we were getting too tired and we can’t even calculate the simple things like twenty times four. Once a team member add five to ten and got twenty and we didn’t notice it for a long time.

If you want to see more funny moments in the lab or more videos, you could visit our Vine account:



Wait, we have some more to say! Have you met with Escherichia Coli? He has some cruel plans to invade the world; however he is a good creature, we are sure. He has some nice stuff on his Twitter page "@yourEcoli,">. @yourEcoli, Please don’t hesitate to follow him! We added some of his works below. Enjoy it!