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Project Introduction


I am a graduating Biochemist, about to start a synthetic biology PhD. My key role is coordinating the team, and in the characterisation and construction of Biobricks Why iGEM?: iGEM combines both new field of synthetic biology as well as interdisciplinary research which I am interested in.



Hello, my name is Mohammad Harige and I’m from Persia. I am 17 years old and I study, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics. I am striving to study medicine and hopefully become a neurologist. In my spare time I love to listen to music and play football. I am taking part in iGEM as it will allow me to acquire the skills I may need within the duration of medical school (if I get in). “Always $trive and Prosper”. “The sky’s the limit that’s what they told a fool. I disguise the limit. Now I’m aiming for the sun and moon”.


I'm Abigail Lerma Diaz, part of the Wiki team (I spend more than enough time on the Internet already, anyway). I enjoy biology, chemistry, and procrastination. I wanted to be a part of iGEM to be able to get some extra hands-on experience in labs and working around biology, and to get some skills in different areas such as the human practices and wiki.


Hello, my name is Ardit Hashani and I’m from the small country of Kosovo in Eastern Europe. I am 17 years old, and I study Biology, Chemistry, History and Mathematics at college. I am aspiring for a successful career in Chemistry after finishing university in England. I spend my free time playing football and I love listening to music. I am taking part in iGEM to improve and develop my practical skills, as well as gain a deep insight into the field of synthetic biology.


My name is Athena Kourti, I’m 18 years old and aspire to study biochemistry specifying in molecular biology to become a geneticist. I currently study maths, biology, chemistry and psychology at A2 level and am involved in IGEM to gain experience and knowledge on what I plan to study as well as taking part in an interesting opportunity.

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